SISTER ACT at Haddonfield Plays and Players

Those wonderful sisters are at it again!
The Sisters “Raise Their Voices” in historic Haddonfield New Jersey with a heavenly, heartfelt production.
For those not from South Jersey, welcome to one of the oldest theater troupes in the area. Since 1934 this dedicated group of individuals has performed in many local venues, including the Haddonfield Fortnightly and the Kingsway Learning Center. In 1986, they built a 150 seat performing arts center where they now do most of their productions.
Based on the popular 1992 movie starring Whoopi Goldberg award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyrics by Grammy winner Glenn Slater bring this story to life and almost everyone loves these singing nuns.

The cast is delightful from the super talented Paige Smallwood who plays Deloris
Van Cartier to Tami Gordon Brody playing Mother Superior to Sister Mary Robert (Kelsey Hogan), Sister Mary Patrick (Karen Henry), Monsignor O’Hara (Charles L. Bandler). Terrance Hart puts in a standout performance as Eddie (Sweaty Eddie), the officer/hero who saves the day!

For the few who don’t know the story, the show tells the story of Deloris Van Cartier, an aspiring disco diva in late 1970’s Philadelphia. Deloris accidentally witnesses her mobster boyfriend Curtis killing a man in cold blood. Deloris runs to the police for safety and agrees to testify against her ex. Officer Eddie Souther, a shy, nervous man who had a crush on Deloris when they were both in high school, offers her witness protection in the most unlikely of places: a convent. Brash Deloris immediately runs afoul of the Mother Superior at the ailing church, but finds her place working with the nuns’ feeble choir, transforming the group into a slick musical unit that performs spiritual songs with soulful energy and flashy choreography.

This show is filled with clever, non-stop fun at the hands of director/choreography by Chris McGinnis with show stopping costumes by Tina’s Productions. The movies-to-musicals trend has been in full swing for a quite some time and Sister Act lends itself nicely for a live musical treatment. There are some charming character moments for both shy Mary Robert and the relationship between Deloris and Mother Superior. These added plot changes not seen in the film tone down all the Vegas-style hoopla nicely.

Musical Highlights include “Take Me To Heaven”, Raise Your Voice”, The Life I Never Led” and Sister Act”.

SISTER ACT plays at the Haddonfield Plays and Players, on selected date through Feb. 18. For tickets and more about the Haddonfield Plays & Players visit or call 856.429.8139

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